Hair Fiber Refill Pack / Hair Fiber/ Human Hairs

Hair Fiber Refill Pack / Hair Fiber/ Human Hairs

Hair Fiber Refill Pack / Hair Fiber/ Human Hairs
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About the Product:-

  • 100% Natural Human Hair Fiber
  • Fuller Hair in 30 Seconds
  • Covers Thinning Spots
  • Hair Building Fibers are easily washes out with shampoo
  • Hair Building Fibers are completely undetectable and resistant to wind and rain


Majik Hair Fiber Refill Pack 10 gm, 100% Human Hair Fiber For All Hair Fibers 


MAJIK presents Hair thickening fiber - a Revolutionary , Temporary hair camouflage. Finally a solution to fine or thinning hair. Majik introduces 100 percent human hair thickening fibers. It is a revolutionary way of concealing thinning hair.These fibres are developed with a special technology by which they tend to cling on to individual strands and make them seem thicker and fuller immediately. It is just like adding HAIR to your hair and the instant results are incredible. Majik hair fibres are cut and washed with a special technology which helps in retaining the electrostatic properties of the hair used in manufacturing of the fibre. They are then dyed and charged in a special environment. The dried human hair fibres are then hygienically packed in the special retaining containers. These fibres can be applied quickly with mess by simply shaking the container over the thinning area releasing thousand s of microscopic color matched hair fibres which intertwine with and branch off of your existing natural hair. Majik special Hair bonding Spray is the perfect hair fixative for use with the Majik fibers, creating a strong bond between the microfiber and the hair shaft 


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