Human Hair Fiber

Human Hair Fiber

Human Hair Fiber
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About The Products:-

v Fuller Hair in 30 Seconds

v No Keratin, No Synthetic - Unisex

v 100% Human Hair Fiber - No Side Effects

v 100% Money Back Guarantee , No Questions Asked

v Hair Building Fibers are easily washes out with shampoo

          Majik 100% Human Hair Fiber 36 Grams

Made of pure 100% NATURAL HUMAN HAIR and applied in seconds, Majik human hair Fibers instantly create natural looking fuller and thicker hair. The tiny hair fibers are shaken on from the special container and bind securely to your hair from the root to the tip, until you wash them out.Majik human hair fibers are 100% natural human hair, so they're totally safe with no side effects at all , they contain no artificial colors and dyes and no chemicals at all. They've also been independently dermatological tested to prove they're safe to use every day.100% Safe for Male and Female Thinning Hair


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