Neem Wood Comb

Neem Wood Comb

Neem Wood Comb
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About the Product:-

v Majik Neem Wood Comb

v 100% Pure Neem Wood

v Made Up of 100 % Natural Neem Wood

v Controls Hair Fall and Dandruff

Majik Neem Wood Tail Comb 100 % Handmade Anti-Dandruff Comb

Neem is known as the medicinal plant for its immense health benefits. Neem is a recognized antibacterial and germicide; No insects or bacteria ever come close to neem products.Scalp disorders such as dandruff and fungal infections are extremely common and what better to use a comb -something that we use everyday -made of a medicinal bark like Neem. Not only do the natural and environment friendly Neem combs feel wonderful, but they do a great deal of good to your scalp health. Regular combing with these combs inhibit dandruff as well as scalp infections.This comb sustains hair health, reduces hair fall & removes dandruff. Made up of 100% Herbal Neem Wood.

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