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 Silk Base Closure/ Hair Topper/ Hair Weaving

Silk Base Closure/ Hair Topper/ Hair Weaving

Silk Base Closure/ Hair Topper/ Hair Weaving
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About the Product:-

v Closure Hair Extension • Natural look  • looks like skin  • attachment with clips

v Silk Base Closure (Dark Brown)

v Hair material: 100% High Quality Re-my Human Hair

v Length: Approx. 14"; • Can be Restyled as you like. Can be permed and washed.

v Transforming your look in seconds can be worn for a prom wedding or evening out it is different than the normal lace closure.  • Looks like hair growing out of the scalp


We provide all customization related to hair color, texture and size of the scalp. Our Silk Base Lace Front Closures are truly undetectable and appears as if the hair was coming directly from your scalp. We offer the lowest rate on the market and our closures are truly made to appear natural. Our closures are measured at a perfect size and has a natural scalp appearance. Hair Closure - One of the safest and least expensive solutions for covering up a bald spot is hairpieces made for women, which are called lace closures or hair closures. Women develop bald spots when the hair falls out and doesn't grow back in. Women suffer from hair loss by female pattern baldness for a variety of reasons including stress, heredity, skin diseases and medications. Women with noticeable bald spots usually want to cover up the missing hair. Fortunately, there are many solutions to hair loss and one of which is the lace closures or the hair closures. Whether you are suffering from a skin condition or a chemical reaction that resulted in minimal hair loss or balding, there is a solution. Closures are commonly associated with weaves however when small sections of hair loss is the concern, closures can be used to cover these spots. Closures are small hair pieces . The hair is tied onto the base so when attached to your hair, looks like your own natural hair. Alopecia sufferers who have smaller regions of hair loss find closures to be an excellent option. 


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