Hair Bun Gajra

Hair Bun Gajra

Hair Bun Gajra
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About The Product:-

v Specially Made For Traditional Occasions.

v Used For Buns And Braids, It Can Be Reused.

v It Is Made With Soft Golden Beeds

v Specially for South Indian Marriage and Programs.

v Going With Short And Long Hairs.


Material: Good Quality Velvet Flowers And Soft Golden Beeds. It is a beautiful Hair Gajra Specially Made for South indian Weddings. It is Used for Wedding, Bharatanatyam Dance, Seasonal Occasion Like Pongal, Diwali Etc. Girls can ties it Round their Pony Tail, Braids and Buns also. Its Gives a Attractive Look and go With Long and Shorts Hairs. Gajra Adds a Charming Look When Worn on a Bun. It looks Best When Worn with An traditional Indian sari. This is a Reusable Product. This is a Beautiful Gifting Product.

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