Rainbow Detangler Brush

Rainbow Detangler Brush

Rainbow Detangler Brush
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About The Product:-

v Unique S-Curled Bristle Design

v Comfortable, Lightweight, Waterproof Rubber Body and Handle for Use in Bath Or Shower

v Strong Bristles to Detangle Wet Hair With No Pain Or Tears

v Effortless Combing And Brushing of Hair Without The tug or tangle

v Suitable for All Hair Types: Curly, Straight, Thick, Fine


Size:Rectangle Head • With its Unique S-Curled bristle design, Celavi's Rainbow Detangler Brushes Runs Effortlessly through Hair, Detangling Without Pulling Or Tugging. There's no Pain, no Tears-Whether the Hair is Wet From the Shower or Dry; Curly Or Straight; Thick or fine. Comes in 3 different Colors • This Brush is Used Specially for Detangling Making Combing of Hair Easy And Comfortable.


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