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Hair Bumpits / Hair Accessories/ Wedding Accessories

Hair Bumpits / Hair Accessories/ Wedding Accessories
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 About the Product:-

v High Hair Volumizer

v Reusable

v For Party And Proms

v For Hair Styling

Golden Rose Flower Hair Clip is a perfect floral accessory for any hairdo to add color, love and glam. This floral accessory has a brooch pin too and can be used to stylize your blazers, dresses or bags. Product Description Use it this way : Part hair across crown of head, directly up from back of ears, where a headband would go, picking up a big enough section to cover Bumpits. Brush parted section upward. Simply place Bumpits at scalp right below the part line. Pull hair down over Bumpits give hair a gentle tug downward to tighten into the grooves of the teeth. This is very important to keep hair from parting later. Spray immediately with firm hold hairspray. Fluff, even out, and pinch out areas of hair that are uneven or sparse. Spray firm hold hairspray for that all day perfect volume! When removing, be gentle, never pull hard. From the Manufacturer Effortless Hair Styling Get the perfect retro look, using Big Happie Hair Bumpits. This is a set of 5 hair bumpits of varying sizes to help you create a range of looks with ease. Achieve salon-like precision when styling at home with these Big Happie Bumpits for creating lovely high hairstyles. You don't have to worry about the bumpits giving way and spoiling your hairstyle, as they fit easily and stay secure. Whether you're styling a thick crop of hair or comparatively thin hair, you can be sure that the hair bumpits will stay put all day long. Buy Big Happie Hair Bumpits at Amazon and get salon-like perfection in your hairstyles done at home. Majik Hair Bumpits With Golden Rose Clip (Combo Of 6 Pic) For High Hair Volumizer, For Women Hair Styling And Hair Do 


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