Beard Combo Kit

Beard Combo Kit

Beard Combo Kit
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About The Product:-

v NO MORE CUTS, INGROWN HAIRS OR RAZOR BURNS: Get a close shave, these safety razors are made with premium high-end materials.

v EASY TO GRIP DESIGN - No more dropping! Our double edge shaving kits will feel great in your hands, as they are ergonomically designed with an anti-slip grip, providing stability and optimum balance

v Brush Made With 100% Natural Hair, It Can Generate Rich and Warm Lather

v Lift Hair and Open up Pores on Your Face, Naturally Exfoliates Your Skin

v Twist to open Razor & Stylish Shaving Brush



Shaving Brush:: Our brush is made with 100% pure hair which is soft and gentle to your skin but yet hard enough to generate rich lather. If you are using a manual razor, we always recommend you use our shaving brush to apply shaving soap to your face first to soften skin and get a cleaner shave. Benefits of Using Our Shaving Brush • Rich and Warm Lather, Use Less Soap Or Gel • Much Cleaner Shave • Lift Hair on Your Face • Open Up Pores • Naturally Exfoliates Your Skin • Minimize Irritation, Shaving Burn and Pore Infection Shaving Blade::Discover a whole new world of shaving with Majik Company's Precision Safety Razor System, which includes a precision crafted single-blade safety razor and a pack of 10 sharp Feather blades made in Indian. Engineered to perfection, this single blade safety razor system is a highly precise shaving instrument and provides a fabulous one-stroke shave when used with the right technique. Generous weight and smooth chrome finish give it an effortless, unparalleled glide. 1) Long 4 inches handle Best grip. regular users & beginners, Excellent balance. 2) Made by brass metal 3) Heavy weight metal safety razor with prefect traditional look design. 4) Perfect blade angle & exposure for a smooth silken shave. 5) chrome finish on brass frame. 6) NON-SLIP AND LONG HANDLE: The handle of this double edge safety razor is not only non-slip, but also long enough to hold

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