Professional Salon Facial Hairs Scissors

Professional Salon Facial Hairs Scissors

Professional Salon Facial Hairs Scissors
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About The Product:-

v 100% brand new and high quality.

v Used for Beard Moustache and Eyebrows

v Suitable for use with Fingernails or Toenails

v Length: 9 cm

v Material: Stainless Steel


Steelness Steel Scissors:-

Majik Stainless Steel Nose Hair Trimmers Are ideals for Personal Cutting Preference, these are not only great for trimming nose Hair but also great all around grooming scissors .whether grooming eyebrows, trimming your beard/mustache or mowing down the long grass growing out of your ears etc. Majik Straight Scissors are designed with thinner, shorter blades to safely and easily trim excess skin from the nail base where healthy nail growth begins.You can also use it on toenail cuticles.100% brand new and high quality!-Sharp blades to allow for precise control, sharp point make precision cuts easy. It is durable and will last. Trim facial Hairs precisely. Shape your eyebrow. Shape false eyelashes.

 Scissors Using :-

Nose Hair Trimmers

Beard / Mustache

Shape false Eyelashes


fingernails or Toenails

These are also used in travelling. Ideal for trimming beard and moustache.

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