No Tape  Adhesive

No Tape Adhesive

No Tape Adhesive
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No Tape Liquid Adhesive 1.0oz|Professional Strength Adhesive|Great for any lace or System|Removes Best with Topsol Adhesive Solvent|Easy To Use!!!Vapon No Tape Liquid Adhesive 1.0oz|A medically safe, contact gel adhesive. Can be used over existing tape or applied to the tape tab material on the hairpiece. Will not release from the effects of water, heat or perspiration. Apply to the bonding track on head. Can be applied directly to the scalp for partial, perimeter, or full-head bonding. Typically holds for 4 to 6 weeks. Pros: Gel formula. stays put during application Waterproof No shine. Great on all lace and polu skin hair systems. Con: Bit more pricy then Ultra Hold Adhesive

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