Hair Fiber

Majik Hair Building Fibers are made of 100% natural human hair . Hair fibers merge and permanently adhere to your existing hair to hide any thinning areas and provide dramatic density, volume and natural appearing coverage, WITHIN NO TIME These Fibres Are Charged To Bind To Your Already Existing Hair Thus Instantly Giving Them A Natural And Fuller Appearance. Majik Fibers Are Specifically Designed For Harsh Subcontinent Conditions.

They Won’t Run Down With Sweat. So Carry On Your Daily Routine With Confidence. Just Shampoo Your Hair To Remove The Hair Fibres. Not Just The Results. Our Ingredients Are World Class Too! There Are 2 Main Kinds Of Hair Fibers, human hair and cotton . Cotton Is Much Cheaper And Be Easily Detectable

But Even Worse, Absorbs Sweat And Moisture And Clumps! Whereas majik Is Made Of 100% natural hair Which Is Completely Undetectable And Moisture Resistant Giving You Instant And Long Lasting Natural Look.

Hair fibres has no side effects and does not interfere with other hair and beauty treatments. Hair fibres lasts longer even through moderate Rain, Perspiration and Wind
Fast, Effective, and Easy solution to conceal hair loss - Change your look in 30 seconds

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