Hair Wigs

When hair extensions aren't enough to compensate for hair loss, a wig may be the best answer. Get tips for choosing a hair-piece style that will give you the most natural look..

How a Wig Helps

When you're experiencing hair loss, every day is a bad hair day — and that can take an emotional toll on you. Hair loss can negatively impact your self-esteem and make poor health even more difficult to deal with. Whether your hair loss is from cancer treatment, a nutritional deficiency, a thyroid condition, or the temporary hormonal shifts that accompany pregnancy and childbirth, hair pieces can help. For instance, if you're sick, wearing a synthetic or human hair wig may help you feel better about yourself and your condition. If you're experiencing a form of alopecia — the medical term for hair loss, a wig that compensates for balding or thinning hair will improve your self-confidence.

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