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It is a unique and only company in India, who make hair fibre with 100% human hair. All other companies using keratin or cotton which is not able to give you natural looking hair. We always provide world best quality hair fiber to our customers so that suffering people can get rid of this problem as soon as possible. According to dermatologists, It can be used by both men and women at any age. It is organic, lab tested and safe. When you use this fiber, it will totally blend with your existing hair even no one can make the difference between your original hair or hair fiber. You can boost your confidence within 30 seconds. It is cost effective and easy to use. We always provide friendly support to our valuable customers.

Majik Hair serum

₹399.00 ₹299.00

How To Use Majik Hair Fiber


Sprinkle Majik Hair Fiber


Blend Gently With Fingers


Spray On Hair Fiber