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Majik Hair Fiber Color Shades

Majik "Be Confident"

MAJIK is made up of all-natural, 100% HUMAN HAIR. MAJIK fibers blend undetectably with your existing hair, instantly making it full and thick

  • Resists wind, rain and perspiration.
  • Durable and undetectable yet removes easily with shampoo.
  • Nine shades to match any hair colour.
Step to use Majik Hair Fiber

Step 1

Sprinkle on the Majik Fiber

Step 2

Blend gently with the fingers

Step 3

Spray on Instant Hair Fixative


It is prepared with 100% natural human hair, which is why it provides a unique blend of human hair giving an effective natural solution. Dermatologists have cleared its use for men and women. Majik is available in various natural colours and is helpful in reshaping your elegance and helps in getting your lost grandeur back.


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