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Welcome To Majik Hair Fiber

MAJIK a world renowned name in field of hair exports and hair related products. Engaged in Hair Weaving Hair Extensions and Hair fiber since last 10 years have many accolades to its credit.

It's a government recognized export house using finest quality hair sourced from various temples across south India . It has presence in European markets with its registered offices in Switzerland and Morocco.

Also exporting Hair extensions and hair fiber in more than 15 countries worldwide.

Majik is the only company to have invented 100% human hair fiber. All other companies in the world are using cotton or keratin fibers. With our patented technology we are trying to give the world the best possible hair building fibers so that people suffering from hair fall and thinning can get their confidence back within seconds, the products are totally organic and safe and lab tested and safe to use.

Majik us trying to revolutionize hair care industry and giving confidence to people with its skilled staff and compete research and development team our Endeavour is to give our customers best products at the best price.

Hair Building FiberHair fall is the most common problem these days, as per an estimate 3 out of 4 people suffer from hair fall or any other hair related problems. The main reason for hair fall and hair related problems are stress, modern living and chemicals or may be genetic. A lot of medicines are available in the market to prevent hair loss etc. But no medicine or treatment can give instant result or instant covering on the bald spots. That's where hair fibers help, they give you instant result, are very cost effective and completely safe to use at the same time, and these can be used by men, women and practically by anyone. Hair building fibers are effective on thinning areas; all you have to do is match the color of hair fiber with your hair, just sprinkle it on the thinning areas and before you know it baldness is gone. It's so convenient and so effective. It gives you your confidence back in seconds and looks so natural that even from 2 inches close nobody can make out.

Step to use Majik Hair Fiber

Step 1

Sprinkle on the Majik Fiber

Step 2

Blend gently with the fingers

Step 3

Spray on Instant Hair Fixative


It is prepared with 100% natural human hair, which is why it provides a unique blend of human hair giving an effective natural solution. Dermatologists have cleared its use for men and women. Majik is available in various natural colours and is helpful in reshaping your elegance and helps in getting your lost grandeur back.


Hair Building Fibre : Majik | Instant Solution for Hair Thinning

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