Wooden Beard Comb

Wooden Beard Comb

Wooden Beard Comb
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About The Product:-

v Made of pure neem wood

v Hand made

v Prevents dandruff

v Improves blood circulation

v  Handmade Comb-Each comb is made from an individual piece of Green Neem Wood and hand-polished. Each comb is unique and no 2 combs look the same.

v  Neem Wood comb-100% natural neem wood gives aromatic ‘woody’ scent. fragrance eternal, but not pungent.when you smell it,which will make you relax. It could change color in different light and air humidity ,sometime are green , yellow or dark.

v  Fine & Coarse Teeth Comb - Double Different Densities sides andAnti-Static.The coarse teeth perfectly combed tangles and snags. The fine teeth are perfect for shaping mustache, mens beard and hair.

v  Natural Wooden Comb - Anti-Static and Hypoallergenic. It can helpful to promote the blood circulation and improve metabolism give you a healthy body.

v  Pocket comb - Its dimensions 3.78 x 2.32 x 0.29 in.you can put it in your jean or shirt pockets when you go out.


DOUBLE SIDED - This comb has two sides, One side has particularly fine teeth which is designed to really comb and unknit your beard while the other side has teeth in standard size which is more suitable for styling your beard.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - The beard comb is made of high-quality sandalwood. At Peter’s Beard we use a 100% natural products.  The wood has a look and feel which is completely natural and the finish of this product makes sure the material feels great for your beard but also in your hand.

HANDLING SIZE - Due to its practical size, the comb fits conveniently in your hand and thus allows a pleasant experience when you take care of your beard.

As we want our customers to be styled and content with our products we offer a 100% Satisfaction guarantee. Try the product now!


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