H.D Hair System Hair Toupee

H.D Hair System Hair Toupee

H.D Hair System Hair Toupee
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About  The  Product:-

v Super Fine Polyurethane, Skin system

v Great Hairline, Can be cut for size

v  Made with real human hair, can be fixed with both clips and tape

v Also adhesive can be used.

v Any type of hair style can be done


Made from thin polyurethane, skin systems offer the most realistic top and front hairline appearance. You have your choice of a few different skin options including the Micro Skin, C-Thru Skin or - the newest and most innovative skin on the market. Introducing the new HD Skin These super-thin natural poly systems use v-loop ventilation rather than hand-tied knots, giving them the growing-right-out-of-your-scalp look.




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